CQB Fluorine Plastic Alloy Magnetic Pump

Short Description:

1.CQB Fluorine Plastic Alloy Magnetic Pump
2. Flow rate up to 100m3/h
3. Delivery head up to 32.0m
4. Power up to 18.5 kw 2900 r/min
5 Static seal replaces active seal, achieving complete Seal

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1 Summarize:

CQB steel fluorine plastic magnetic pump seal removed, the use of indirect magnetic coupling drive, completely eliminating the drip of trouble, not to use contaminated sites.

     As part of the pump over current use “fluorine plastic” manufacturing. It can continuously transport the concentration of acids, bases, strong oxidizing agents and other corrosive media, no damage, with fully sealed, no leaks, corrosion resistance and other advantages.

2 Structure:

CQB steel fluorine plastic magnetic pump to replace the static seal dynamic seal, the use of active magnetic coupling drive directly onto the motor shaft, pump room completely closed, indirect drive shaft through magnetic coupling with a magnet on the impeller rotation, with the structure compact, good looks, safety and energy-saving features.

    The pump although the contact with the liquid part of the fluorine plastic, but the pump casing is metal, so the pump enough to withstand the weight of the pipe and mechanical shock.

3 Application:

Widely used in chemical, rare earth separation, pesticides, dyes, medicine, papermaking, electroplating, electrolysis, pickling, radio, foil, research institutions, industry, defense industry and other transport any concentration of acid, alkaline, oils, rare and precious liquid, toxic liquid, volatile chemical media. Particularly susceptible to leakage, flammable, explosive corrosive liquid.   

4 Structure and Material Description:


4 Technical Data:

Model Q Head NPSH Speed Diameter (mm) Motor  power Weight(kg) Dimension
(m3/h) (m) (m) (r/min) Inlet Outlet
CQB16-12-50F 0.3 2.5 9 2900 16 12 25w 5
0.6 2
0.9 1.8
CQB15-15-65F 0.6 3.5 6 2900 15 15 180w 7
0.8 3.2
1 3.5
CQB20-15-75F 1.3 7.4 6 2900 20 15 180w 8
1.6 7
2 6
CQB25-20-100F 2.1 11 6 2900 25 20 370w 12
2.5 10.5
2.9 10
CQB32-20-110F 3 14 6 2900 32 20 550w 18
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