FGD Pumps

  • Series TZR, TZSA Desulphurization Pump

    Series TZR, TZSA Desulphurization Pump

    Specially design& manufacture for flue-gas desulphurization system

  • VS series FGD pump

    VS series FGD pump

    • Head: 4-40m
    •Discharge diameter:  40-300mm
  • Desulphurlzation Pump Parts OEM

    Desulphurlzation Pump Parts OEM

    Our company can machine the imported and domestic Desulphurization Pump, and we can
    process the parts of Desulphurization Pump if you provide the drawings.

  • BTL/BDTL Series Slurry Circulation Pump

    BTL/BDTL Series Slurry Circulation Pump

    BTL/BDTL series desulfurization pumps are

    single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pumps,

    mainly used as slurry circulation pumps of absorber in desulfurization device.

    •Wide capacity range
    •High efficiency and energy saving
    •Simple and reliable structure, easy disassembly, easy maintenance
    •Stable operation
    •The whole machine has high reliability and long average trouble-free working time
    Discharge diameter: 400-1000mm
  • DT series desulphurization pump

    DT series desulphurization pump

    Specifications BDT series desulphurization pump
    a.OEM welcome
    b.high efficiecny
    c.energy saving