Sand Gravel Pump/Dredging Pump

  • SZQ Submersible Sand Pump

    SZQ Submersible Sand Pump

    Product Description: SZQ series submersible sand pump is single stage centrifugal pump which is specially designed to mine underwater sand and gravel in river, lake, sea as well as undersea mining. The structure design and materials of the pump have been considered thoughtfully to make the pump operate under water permanently, reliably and effectively. It has the characters of corrosion-resistance, wearing-resistance, high ability of passing solid, wide-range of submersible depth. The maximum...
  • TZG(H) Series Sand Gravel Pump

    TZG(H) Series Sand Gravel Pump

    1.Sand dredging pump
    2.gravel pumps
    3.horizontal centrifugal pump
    4.sand excavation pump
    5.river sand pump dredger

  • WN Slurry Dredging Pump

    WN Slurry Dredging Pump

    1.WN pump
    2.long life serve
    3.excellent anti-wear performance
    4.high efficiency
    5.reliable bearing lining