Submersible Pump

  • Submersible axial flow pump

    Submersible axial flow pump

    Flow range: 350-30000m3/h
    Lift range: 2-25m
    Power range: 11KW-780KW
    Use range:
    For farmland irrigation and drainage, it can also be used for working conditions, shipyards, urban construction, water supply projects, power station water supply and drainage, playground entertainment, etc.

  • Submersible water pump

    Submersible water pump

    Design pressure:1.6Mpa
    Design temperature:≤100℃

  • Solar powered submersible water well pump system

    Solar powered submersible water well pump system

    Dc solar water pump is an environmentally friendly water supply solution. Dc solar water pump with permanent magnet motor, can effectively use natural energy. And where is the sunshine in the world today is rich too, especially the lack of electricity in remote areas without electricity the most attractive way of water supply, using easily and limitless reserve of solar energy, the system automatically the sunrise, sunset, , and no personnel supervision, maintenance workload can be minimized,...
  • stainless steel submersible pump

    stainless steel submersible pump

    QJ Stainless steel well submersible pump (deep well pump) product description QJ-type submersible pump is a motor and water pump directly into the water into the work of water lifting equipment, it is suitable for extraction from the deep wells of groundwater can also be used for rivers, reservoirs, drains and other water lifting projects: mainly for farmland irrigation and plateau mountain Of human and animal water, but also for cities, factories, railways, mines, site for water use. QJ Stai...
  • Stainless Steel SP Submersible Electric Deep Well Pump

    Stainless Steel SP Submersible Electric Deep Well Pump

    SP series 4″ submersible electric pump with flow 5m3/h; and single phrase 2.2KW (3hp) motor.