• wear-resistant rubber slurry pump

    wear-resistant rubber slurry pump

    Description: Driven by motor, the pump body and inlet line are filled with liquild before starting the pump. With high-speed rotation, the impeller drives the liquild between the vanes to rotate together. Due to the effect of centrifugal force, the liquild is thrown to the outer edge of impeller from the impeller center with kinetic energy increased.After the liquid entering the pump shell, as the flow channel in the volute type pump shell is gradually enlarged, the liquid velocity is decreas...
  • 4/3 6/4 8/6 10/8 12/10 Horizontal Slurry Pump Rubber Parts
  • 15080 10080  10064  15064 Cvx Cyclone Upper Cone

    15080 10080 10064 15064 Cvx Cyclone Upper Cone

    Our hydrocyclones parts are completely interchangeable with world famous brands. High quality Rubber55 is used BODA are committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. We offer our customers options and through our hydrocyclone wear linings, we aim to reduce your maintenance time and costs and achieve consistent performance for your hydrocyclones. BODA Hydrocyclone Liner has proven its high quality and cost effectiveness by in-field use of our clients worldwide: 1. Superior abra...
  • ZX centrifugal chemical self-priming water pump

    ZX centrifugal chemical self-priming water pump

    1.ZX chemical self-priming pump
    2.Mature casting technical
    3.Lost wax mold
    4.Professional chemical manufaturer

  • Vertical Non-seal and Self-control Self-priming Pump

    Vertical Non-seal and Self-control Self-priming Pump


    Performance Range


    Flow range: 5~500m3/h

    Head range: ~1000m

    Applicable temperature: -40~250°C



  • Crusher wear parts :Bi-metal Crusher Hammer

    Crusher wear parts :Bi-metal Crusher Hammer

    Crusher parts we produce

    Crusher hammer

    Impact crusher blow bar

    Jaw crusher jaw plate

    Crusher liner

    Grate plate

    Mill liner

  • DG(H) can move freely in the Narrow Jacking tube Relay Pump


     Slurry Pump Main parts: • Impeller – front and rear shrouds have pump out vanes that reduce recirculation and seal contamination. Hard metal and molded rubber impellers are complete interchangeable. Cast in impeller threads require no inserts or nuts. High efficiency and high head designs are also available. • Liners – Easily replaceable liners are bolted, not glued, to the casing for positive attachment and ease of maintenance. Hard metal liners are completely interchangeable...
  • Lobe Pump/ Rotary Pump/ Rotor Pump

    Lobe Pump/ Rotary Pump/ Rotor Pump

    Product Description Rotor pumps are also known as colloid pumps, lobe pumps, three-lobe pumps, universal delivery pumps, etc. Higher vacuum and discharge pressure. It is suitable for the transportation of hygienic and corrosive and high-viscosity media.The mechanical energy is converted into the pressure energy of the conveying fluid through the pump, and (theoretically) has nothing to do with the discharge pressure, so that the volume becomes smaller (the length can be shortened by 100-250m...
  • TZG(H) Series Sand Gravel Pump

    TZG(H) Series Sand Gravel Pump

    1.Sand dredging pump
    2.gravel pumps
    3.horizontal centrifugal pump
    4.sand excavation pump
    5.river sand pump dredger

  • Interchangeable slurry pump impeller

    Interchangeable slurry pump impeller

    Boda Slurry Pump Impeller are completely interchangeable  Slurry Pump Impeller Material 1. BDA05  is a wear resistant white iron that offers excellent performance under erosive conditions. The alloy can be effectively used in a wide range of slurry types. The high wear resistance of alloy BDA05 is provided by the presence of hard carbides within its micro-structure. Alloy BDA05 is particularly suited to applications where mild corrosion resistance, as well as erosion resistance is required. 2...
  • SZQ Submersible Sand Pump

    SZQ Submersible Sand Pump

    Product Description: SZQ series submersible sand pump is single stage centrifugal pump which is specially designed to mine underwater sand and gravel in river, lake, sea as well as undersea mining. The structure design and materials of the pump have been considered thoughtfully to make the pump operate under water permanently, reliably and effectively. It has the characters of corrosion-resistance, wearing-resistance, high ability of passing solid, wide-range of submersible depth. The maximum...
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