TZG(H) Series Sand Gravel Pump

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1.Sand dredging pump
2.gravel pumps
3.horizontal centrifugal pump
4.sand excavation pump
5.river sand pump dredger

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TZG/TZGH gravel pump
Long service life,high efficiency
Good quality with favourable price
High hardness,anti-wear alloy cast iron

Sand Suction Pump:

Constructin of this pump is of single casing connected by means of clamp bands and wide wet passage. The wet parts are made of Ni hard and high chromium abrasion resistance alloys. The discharge direction of pump can be oriented in any direction of 360 degree. This type of pump possesses the advantages of easy installation and operation, good performance of NPSH and abrasion resistance.

Sealing forms: Packing gland, expeller seal, mechanical seal.

Driving type: V belt drive, hydraulic coupling drive, fluid coupling drive, frequency conversion drive devices, thyrister speed regulation ect.

They are suitable for delivering slurries in mining, explosive sludge in metal melting, grudging in dredger and course of river, and other fields. Type TZGH pumps are of high head ones.


1) Cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal, one stage, single casing gravel (sand) pump

2) High head, large capacity, high efficiency.

3) Good NPSH performance.

4) Widely application: they are designed for handling more abrasive with solids slurries in the river dredging, Sand reclamation, Sugar beet, explosive sludge in metal melting, grudging in dredger and course of river and other fields.

5) Long bearing life: The bearing assembly is with large diameter shaft and short overhang.

6) Wear resistant wet parts: the wet parts are made of Ni hard and high chromium abrasion resistance alloys. (more than 26% Chrome alloy).

7) Simple maintenance throat bush: the mating face of the throat bush is tapered, so the wear is reduced and removal is simple.

8) Easy adjustment of impeller: An impeller adjustment mechanism is provided below the bearing housing.

9) Centrifugal seal, mechanical seal and packing seal are available.

10) The pump can be directly matched with either motor or diesel engine

More specification:

It can be equipped with diesel engines or be equipped with motor driven directly. It has the advantages of working stability, little vibration, low noise and low hydraulic loss, high efficiency, low fuel consumption and small size, light weight, simple structure, easy maintenance.

gravel pump structure 1


Performance Table:

Pump Model Gravel Pump Impeller Dia.
AllowableMax. power Clear Water Performance
Capacity   Q Head H(m) Speedn(r/min) Eff.η% NPSH(m)
m3/h l/s
100TZG-PD 60 36-250 10-70 5-52 600-1400 58 2.5-3.5 378
200TZG-PE 120 126-576 35-160 6-45 800-1400 60 3-4.5 378
200TZG-PF(S) 260(560) 216-936 60-260 8-52 500-1000 65 3-7.5 533
200TZGH-PS 560 180-1440 50-400 24-80 500-950 72 2.5-5 686
250TZG-PG 600 360-1440 100-400 10-60 400-850 65 1.5-4.5 667
250TZGH-PG(T) 600(1200) 288-2808 80-780 16-80 350-700 73 2-8 915
300TZG-PG(T) 600(1200) 576-3024 160-840 8-70 300-700 68 2-8 864
400TZG-PG(TU) 600(1200) 720-3600 200-1000 9-48 250-500 72 3-6 1067


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