SBX low flow pump

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SBX Series is a small flow of oil chemical pump for small flow and high head conditions, the normal centrifugal pump application has been limited development of the case. It has a simple structure, easy maintenance, stable performance. The same operating conditions, the efficiency is much higher than the general centrifugal pump.

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The pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, cantilevered, and centrally supported centrifugal pumps. The design standards are API 610 and GB3215. API code is OH2.

The hydraulic power of this series of pumps is designed based on the theory of small flow and high head. It has excellent hydraulic performance, high efficiency and good cavitation performance.

Application Range

This series of pumps are mainly used in the chemical, petroleum, refinery, power plants, paper, pharmaceutical, food, sugar and other industries.

Performance Range

Flow range: 0.6~12.5m3/h

Head range: 12~125m

Applicable temperature: -80~450°C

Design pressure: 2.5MPa

Product Features

① Pumps are universal generally. There are total of 22 specifications and only two types of bearing frame components are required.

② With excellent hydraulic model and low-flow and high-lift design, pumps can have high efficiency and good cavitation performance.

③ With closed impeller structure, the balance hole and the ring structure can balance the axial force.

④ The pump body has a volute structure and a centerline support structure, suitable for various operating temperatures.

⑤ Bearings used back-to-back 40° angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings to withstand radial forces and residual axial forces.

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