Veritical sewage Pump

  • PWL Sewage Pump

    PWL Sewage Pump

     PWL Type Sewage Pump Shijiazhuang Boda Industrial Pump Co., Ltd  supplying a precision range of pumps including slurry pump (horizontal and vertical) chemical pump (desulfurization pump), water pump, and all kinds of pumps parts  With more than 20 years experience in manufacturing and service, now we exported the pumps to Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.They all sales well for their durability and energy-saving property. Type Meaning&Technical Parameter: a) Flow: 43-700m3/h b) Head: 9.5...
  • PNL Series mud pump

    PNL Series mud pump

    1.Capacity 30 to 151 m3/h
    2.Head: 15 ~ 26 m
    3.wear-resistant alloy material can supply ore liquid for mine

  • LW Vertical non-clogging sewage pump

    LW Vertical non-clogging sewage pump

    Capacity: 5~2000m3/h
    Head: 5~80m
    Size: 25~500mm
    Speed: 980~2900 r/min

    Material: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel

    Meduim Temperature: -15~60 degree



  • YW Submerged sewage pump

    YW Submerged sewage pump

    1.YW Submerged sewage pump
    2. high efficiency
    3. energy saving
    4. no twinning

  • GW Vertical Pipeline Sewage Pump

    GW Vertical Pipeline Sewage Pump

    1.GW Pipeline type sewage pump
    3.Small volume
    4.Energy conservation
    5.Little noise