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    Our hydrocyclones parts are completely interchangeable with world famous brands. High quality Rubber55 is used

    BODA are committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. We offer our customers options and through our hydrocyclone wear linings, we aim to reduce your maintenance time and costs and achieve consistent performance for your hydrocyclones.

    BODA Hydrocyclone Liner has proven its high quality and cost effectiveness by in-field use of our clients worldwide:
    1. Superior abrasion resistance for long wear life
    2. Dimensional accuracy for highly efficient performance
    3. Improved abrasion characteristics allows for consistent and enhanced separation
    4. More cost effective than comparable materials

    Features :
    ● Delivers the same underflow density regardless of any uncontrolled variation in solids content in the feed
    ● Readily handles unexpected tramp oversize in the feed without plugging
    ● Produces a very high underflow density (essentially water and slime free) without risking 'roping' conditions that result in solids losses via the overflow
    ● Features simple variation of the underflow density, as required via the syphon control valve, without the need to resort to troublesome and expensive mechanical or hydraulic adjustable spigot arrangements
    ● Delivers lower spigot maintenance. The various features and benefits of the dewatering hydrocyclone means that the unit can be sized considerably smaller than other dewatering devices. This means it can easily be mounted on structures or over bins for use with screens

    ● Coal fines dewatering
    ● Coal refuse dewatering
    ● Phosphate benefication
    ● Iron ore processing
    ● Dewatering mine tailings
    ● Sand washing and dewatering
    ● Dewatering crushed stone screenings
    ● Desliming processes
    ● Concentrate dewatering
    ● Classification in grinding operations
    ● Preparation of flotation conditioner feed
    ● Heavy metal (titanium sands) processing
    ● Degritting wastewater effluents
    ● Mill scale recovery and dewatering
    ● Dewatering granulated slag
    ● Pre-thickening of feed to vacuum filters
    ● Closed circuit milling

    旋流器沙嘴 CVX SPARE





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