BZA-BZAO Petrochemical Process Pump

Short Description:

Size DN 25~400mm
Capacity: Q up to 2600m3/h
Head: H up to 250m
Operation Pressure: P up to 2.5Mpa
Operation Temperature: T -80℃~+450℃

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BZA series are with radial split casing,among which BZA are OH1 types of API60 pumps, BZAE and BZAF are OH2 types of API610 pumps. High generalization degree, no difference of hydraulic parts and bearing parts; series of pump can be installed insulation jacket structure; high pump efficiency; Bigger corrosion allowance for casing and impeller; Shaft with shaft sleeve, totally isolated to the liquid, avoid corrosion of shaft, improves lifespan of the pumpset; Motor is with extended diaphragm coupling, easy and smart maintenance, without taking apart pipes and motor.

Sizes over 80mm, casings are double volute type to balance radial thrust to improve noise and extend life span of the bearing.

Suction flange is horizontal, discharge flange is vertical, flange can bear more pipe load. According to client's requirements, flange standard can be GB, HG, DIN, ANSI, suction flange and discharge flange have the same pressure class.

Cavitation performance
Vanes extend to suction of impeller, at the same time size of casing enlarged, thus make the pumps have better cavitation performance. For special purpose, induction wheel can be equipped to improve the anti-cavitation performance.

Bearing and lubrication
Bearing support is a wholly one, bearings are lubricated with oil bath, oil slinger can ensure enough lubrication, all these prevent somewhere temperature rise because of lower lubricating oil. According to specific work condition, bearing suspension can be non-cooling(with steel heat), water cooling (with water cooling jacket) and air cooling(with fan). Bearings are sealed by labyrinth dustproof disc.

Shaft seal
Shaft seal can be packing seal and mechanical seal.
Seal of pump and auxiliary flush plan will be in accordance with API682 to ensure safe and reliable seal in different work condition.

Optional Classic seal flush plan

Working fluid enters seal housing through pipe line from pipe discharge Circulating liquid enters sealing housing cooled by heatexchanger at discharge of pump
The plan mainly for condensated water, normal temperature steam, diesel etc (Not for high temperature condition. Circulating fluid enters seal housing after cooled by heater exchanger from pump discharge.
Flush from outside Back to back double mechanical seal for outside flush resource
Flush fluid enters seal housing from outside, the plan mainly for liquid with solid or impurities. (Attention outside flush fluid affect the liquid pumped)  


Used for pumping clean or slightly polluted, cold or hot, chemically neutral or aggressive liquids.Especially used in:

■ Petrochemical process industry, chemical industry and coal industry

■ Paper and pulp industry and sugar industry

■ Water-supply industry and seawater desalination industry

■ Heating and air conditioning syetem

■ Powerstation

■ Environment-protect engineering and low temperature engineering

■ Ship and offshore industry,etc

Operation Data:

■ Size DN 25~400mm

■ Capacity: Q  up to 2600m3/h
■ Head: H up to 250m
■ Operation Pressure: P up to 2.5Mpa
■ Operation Temperature: T -80℃~+450℃


■ Organic and inorganic acid of various temperature and concentration, such as sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.

■ Alkaline liquid of various temperature and concentration, such as lodium hydroxide, sodiumbonate,etc.

■All kinds of salt solution

■ Various petrochemical product in liquid state, organic compound as well as other corrosive raw materials and products.

Note: We can provide various materials to comply with all the medium mentioned above.Please provide the detailed service conditions when you order, so that we can choose the suitable material for you.


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