YW Submerged sewage pump

Short Description:

1.YW Submerged sewage pump
2. high efficiency
3. energy saving
4. no twinning

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Product Introduction:

This pump has been improved for many times  and developed sucessfully through the joint efforts of our company′s R&D personnel based on the extensive opinions from domestic experts on water pump.All of its performance indexes have reached the advanced level of foreign like products through the test.

Range of Application:

 It is applicable to transport the sewage and filth containing grains or pump the clear  water and corrosive medium in such industries as chenical engineering ,petroleum,pharmacy,mining, paper making, cement mill,steel works, power plant, coal processing ,drainage system of city sewage plant, public works and construction site.

Type Designation:

100 YW 100-15-7.5 PB
100 – Outlet diameter (mm)
YW – Underwater Sewage Pump
100 – Rated flow (m3/h)
15 –Rated head (m)
7.5 – Power (Kw)
P –Stainless steel
B – Explosion-proof

Technology Parameters:

Rotary speed:580-2900r/min;
Temperature range:≤60℃
Pump Structure:
Pump Performance Table:


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