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 PWL Type Sewage Pump

Shijiazhuang Boda Industrial Pump Co., Ltd  supplying a precision range of pumps including slurry pump (horizontal and vertical) chemical pump (desulfurization pump), water pump, and all kinds of pumps parts  With more than 20 years experience in manufacturing and service, now we exported the pumps to Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.They all sales well for their durability and energy-saving property.

Type Meaning&Technical Parameter:

a) Flow: 43-700m3/h

b) Head: 9.5~34m

c) Motor power:15-75 KW

d)  Working temperature: ≤80°C    

e) Outlet pressure8.5-35m,

f)Standard: JB/T6534-92

Ex: 6PWL

6: Outlet diameter (mm)  

P:  Slurry pimp  

W: Sewage  

L:  Vertical

 1,Production  Overview:                                                                    

All kinds of PW pumps are the improved products, has the merit of simple frame and easy repair. It is the single-stage, single suction and centrifugal sewage pump. They can convey liquids which contain fibre and other suspending substances and whose temperature doesn not exceed 80 centigrade.

2,Main Usages:                                                                                         

 PWL stainless steel anti corrosion pump is used to transporting the acid, alkalescency and other sewage. It is widely used in the petroleum, chemical industry, steel, paper making. PWL sewage pump used to transporting the sewage whose liquid temperature doesn not exceed 80. It is suitable for trasporting liquids with fibers or other suspended particles such as draining sewage and dejecta in cities,tactories and companies.

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