LW Vertical non-clogging sewage pump

Short Description:

Capacity: 5~2000m3/h
Head: 5~80m
Size: 25~500mm
Speed: 980~2900 r/min

Material: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel

Meduim Temperature: -15~60 degree



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Product Overview:
LW-type plug at the sewage pump is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the use of the characteristics of domestic water pumps and pump the successful development of a new generation of products, with significant energy-saving, anti-wound, non-blocking and so on. At the carriage of solid particles and long fibers litter, the effect is unique. This series pump impeller structure unique and a new mechanical seal, can effectively contain solids conveying and long fibers, impeller compared with the traditional impeller, the impeller pump or a single flow channel of Double-channel form, which is similar to the one section of the same size Bend, has a very good flow, and with a reasonable cochlear room, makes the pump with high efficiency, the impeller by the balance test, so that the operation of pumps at no vibration. The effectiveness of its unique, reliable performance and stable quality of the welcome and the majority of users praise.
Product features:
Road to adopt anti-clogging stream of hydraulic components of the design, greatly increased capacity dirt effectively through the pump 5 times the diameter of the fiber material and a diameter of pump diameter of about 50% of the solid particles. Designed reasonable reasonable matching motor, high efficiency, energy-saving effect. Single mechanical seal seal materials resistant to the hardness of tungsten carbide wear-resistant, with durable, wear-resistant characteristics, you can use the security for more than 8000 hours continuous operation. LW (I)-type pumps and motors coaxial Direct is a mechanical-electrical integration products, compact structure, stable performance.
Product use:
Commercial Factory for heavily polluted waste water, sewage treatment plant drainage systems. Municipal engineering, construction sites, a variety of sewage discharge points.