TZX series High Head Slurry Pump

Short Description:

Discharge diameter: 40-350mm
Independent design
A variety of frame forms  (grease or dilute oil)
A variety of impeller structure
A variety of materials
Model full, covering a wide range  of working conditions
Low sealing water pressure

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Product Description

Double casing construction. It has a character of high efficiency, high abrasion, stable  performance and excellent interchangeability. The material of liner and impeller is adopted for wear-resistant high  chrome alloy , discharge branch can be positioned at 8 different positions at an interval 45°, the pumps maybe  installed in multistage in series. It can be driven by belt or direct coupling. The seal of shaft can adoptable of gland  seal, expeller seal or mechanical seal. Application: Suitable for electric power, metallurgy, coal, building materials,  chemical industry and other industries, mainly used to transport the abrasive slurry containing solid particles, such  as concentrator treatment concentrate tailings, power plant to remove ash slag, coal preparation plant transport  slime and heavy medium coal separation, coastal river mining operations transport slurry, etc. The maximum weight  concentration it can handle is: mortar 45%, pulp 60%, according to customer needs can be series or parallel  operation.

 Pump Structure:


1: Coupling   2: Shaft   3: Bearing Housing   4: Disassembly ring  5: Expeller

6: Frame plate liner insert  7: Volute Casing  8: Impeller 

9: Throat Bush  10: Cover Plate 11: Frame Plate  12: Stuff Box 

13: Lantern Ring  14: Frame Plate  15: Support  16: Adjusting Bolts

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