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QJ Stainless steel well submersible pump (deep well pump) product description

QJ-type submersible pump is a motor and water pump directly into the water into the work of water lifting equipment, it is suitable for extraction from the deep wells of groundwater can also be used for rivers, reservoirs, drains and other water lifting projects: mainly for farmland irrigation and plateau mountain Of human and animal water, but also for cities, factories, railways, mines, site for water use.

QJ Stainless steel well submersible pump (deep well pump) features

1. motor, water pump one, sneak into the water to run, safe and reliable.

2. There is no special requirement for the well pipe and the water pipe (ie, the steel pipe well, the ash pipe well, the soil well and so on can be used; under the pressure permission, the steel pipe, the hose, the plastic pipe and so on may serve as the water pipe).

3. Installation, use, easy maintenance Simple, small footprint, no need to build pump room.

4. Simple structure, saving raw materials.

Submarine pump use of the conditions are appropriate, proper management and the life of a direct relationship.

QJ Stainless steel well submersible pump (deep well pump) conditions of Use

QJ-type submersible pumps can be used continuously under the following conditions:
1. Three-phase AC power supply with rated frequency of 50HZ and rated voltage of 380 ± 5% V.
2. The pump inlet must be below 1 meter below the moving water level, but the dive depth should not exceed 70 meters below the hydrostatic level. The lower end of the motor is at least 1 meter above the bottom water depth.
3. Water temperature is generally not higher than 20 ℃.
4. Water quality requirements: (1) water content of water is not greater than 0.01% (weight ratio);
(2) PH value in the range of 6.5 ~ 8.5;
(3) chloride content of not more than 400 mg / l.
5. Requires a positive value, the wall is smooth, there is no well staggered.

QJ Stainless steel well submersible pump (deep well pump) structural description

1.QJ-type submersible pump unit consists of: water pump, submersible motor (including cable), water pipes and control switch composed of four parts.
Submersible pump for the single-suction multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump: submersible motor for the closed water-filled wet, vertical three-phase cage asynchronous motor, motor and pump through the claw or single drum coupling directly; equipped with different specifications of the three Core cable; starting equipment for different capacity levels of air switch and self-decompression starter, the water pipe for the different diameter of the steel pipe made of flange connection, high-lift pump with gate control.
2. Submersible pump Each stage of the baffle is fitted with a rubber bearing; the impeller is fixed to the pump shaft with a tapered sleeve; the baffle is threaded or bolted.
3. High-lift submersible pump with a check valve on the upper part, to avoid downtime caused by damage to the unit.
4. Submarine motor shaft with a labyrinth sandstand and two reverse assembly of the skeleton oil seal, to prevent the flow of sand into the motor.
5. Submersible motor with water lubricated bearings, the lower part of the rubber pressure regulating film, pressure regulating spring, composed of surge chamber, adjust the pressure caused by temperature changes; motor winding with polyethylene insulation, nylon jacket durable consumer goods water , Cable connection by QJ-type cable connector technology, the connector insulation off scraping paint layer, were connected, welding firmly, with raw rubber around a layer. And then wrapped with water-resistant adhesive tape 2 to 3 layers, outside the package on the 2 to 3 layers of waterproof tape or glue with a layer of rubber tape (bike belt) to prevent water seepage.
6. The motor is sealed, sealed with precision stop bolt and cable outlet.
7. The upper end of the motor has a water injection hole, there is a vent hole, the lower part of a water hole.
8. The lower part of the motor with the upper and lower thrust bearing, thrust bearing on the groove for cooling, and it is grinding stainless steel thrust plate, with the pump up and down axial force. 

QJ Stainless steel well submersible pump (deep well pump) working principle
Before opening the pump, the suction pipe and pump must be filled with liquid. After the pump is pumped, the impeller rotates at high speed, and the liquid rotates with the blade. Under the action of centrifugal force, it leaves the impeller outward and the liquid is gradually slowed down and the pressure gradually increases from the pump Export, discharge pipe outflow. At this point, at the center of the blade at the center of the liquid is thrown to the surrounding and the formation of both no air and no liquid vacuum low pressure area, liquid pool in the pool of atmospheric pressure under the action of the suction pipe into the pump, the liquid is so continuous Constantly being sucked up from the liquid pool and continuously flowing out of the discharge pipe.

QJ Stainless steel well submersible pump (deep well pump) use and characteristics 

QJ-type submersible pump is based on national standards designed energy-saving products, widely used in farmland irrigation, industrial and mining enterprises for water supply and drainage, plateau, mountain people, livestock water.
The pump consists of QJ submersible pump and YQS submersible motor into one underwater to work underwater. With a simple structure, small size, light weight, installation, easy maintenance, safe operation, reliable, energy efficient and so on.
QJR series of wells with heat-resistant submersible pump is well with the heat-resistant diving three-phase asynchronous motor directly into one, assembled into a heat-resistant submersible pump, hot water temperature up to 100 ° C, is submerged into the well, Water is an effective tool; geothermal is one of the cheapest, clean, inexhaustible latest energy, now widely used in heating, medical, bathing, breeding, planting, industry and agriculture, factories and mines, entertainment services, health facilities, aspect. It has the advantages of simple operation, reliable operation, no noise, excellent performance, high efficiency of unit, easy installation and maintenance. It has many advantages such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging. It is the latest product of embankment hot water.

1. Vertical use, such as in a normal well;
2. Oblique use, such as in a mine with a sloping roadway;
3. Horizontal use, such as in the pool

QJ Submersible electric pump for well (deep well pump) Precautions
1. Well submersible pumps should be used in the sand content of less than 0.01% of the water source, the pump room equipped with pre-water tank, the capacity should meet the start of a pre-run water.
2. New or overhauled deep well pump, should adjust the pump shell and the impeller clearance, the impeller in the operation shall not friction with the shell.
3. Deep well pump should be running before the water into the shaft and bearing the shell for pre-run.
4. Before the start of the deep well pump, the inspection items should meet the following requirements:
1) base base bolts are tightened;
2) axial clearance to meet the requirements, adjust the bolt nuts have been installed;
3) the packing gland is tightened and lubricated;
4) motor bearings have been lubricated;
5) Rotate the motor rotor and stop mechanism by hand are flexible and effective.
5. Deep well pump can not be idle in the case of water. Pumps One or two impellers should be immersed below water level 1m. Operation should always observe the changes in the water level in the well.
6. During operation, when you find a large vibration around the foundation, you should check the pump bearing or motor filler wear; when excessive wear and leakage, should replace the new pieces.
7. has been sucked, drained with mud deep well pump, before stopping the pump, the application of water rinse.
8. Before stopping the pump, you should close the water valve, cut off the power, lock the switch box. When the winter is disabled, the water should be placed in the pump.


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