SFB-type Enhanced Self-priming Anti-Corrosion Pump

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Flow: 20 to 500 m3/h

Lift: 10 to 100 M


The SFB-type Enhanced self-priming anti-corrosion pump series belongs to single-stage, single-suction cantilever centrifugal pump. The flow passage components are made from corrosion-resistant materials. The SFB pump series can be widely used for transportation of a small amount of solid particles and a variety of corrosive liquids except hydracid, caustic alkali and sodium sulfite in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, medicine and other departments. The temperature of transported media ranges from 0 to 100 . The flow of this pump series ranges from 3.27 to 191m3/h and the head lift ranges from 11.5 to 60m.



1. When the pump starts, the vacuum pump and bottom valve are not needed. The pump can exhaust gases and prime water by itself;

2.  The self-priming altitude is high;

3. The self-priming time is short with the flow ranging from 3.27 to 191m3/h and the self-priming time ranging from 5 to 90 seconds;

4. The unique vacuum suction device makes the space between the liquid level and the impeller at a vacuum state, thereby effectively improving the pump operation efficiency and priming altitude;

5. Manual or automatic separation and reunion of the vacuum suction device is achieved through clutch mechanism so that the service life is prolonged and energy savings effect is increased.


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