DZQ series electric submersible slurry pump

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     DZQ series electric submersible slurry pump is driven by submersible motor and can be equipped with 2-3 sets of electric reamers (optional). This product is suitable for conveying slurry containing abrasive particles such as sand and tailings. It is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection, river dredging, sand pumping, municipal engineering and other industries. This product is easy to install and move, has high slag extraction efficiency, and can operate safely under severe working conditions for a long time. It is an ideal product to replace the traditional vertical submerged pump and submersible sewage pump.

Structural features:

 1. The motor sneaked into the water, was not restricted by suction stroke, and had high slag absorption rate and dredging more thoroughly.

 2. In addition to the main impeller, there is also a stirring impeller, which can be used to stir the sludge deposited on the bottom of the water into a turbulent flow, or it can be equipped with a separate agitator on both sides or a large stirrer stirrer. The high-chromium mixing blades prevent large solids from clogging the pump and allowing the solids to mix well with the liquid for easier handling. Moreover, it can raise the sediment sucked by the pump and create a continuous stream of thick slurry out of the pump.

 3. High quality materials ensure long life of all pump components. All flow-through components, ie the pump casing, impeller, guard plate, and impeller, are made of high-chromium alloy to extend the service life between parts replacement. Special treatment can be used for seawater ash removal and electrochemical corrosion of seawater and salt spray.

 4, the flow path is wide, the anti-blocking performance is good, and the cavitation performance is superior. It can handle solid materials with a particle size of up to 120mm.

5. Unique lip seal system with front deflector to prevent fine materials from penetrating the seal area, avoiding frequent machine seal replacement and improving work efficiency.

Conditions of use:

1. The power supply is 50Hz, 60Hz/230V, 380V, 415V, 660V three-phase AC power, and the capacity of the distribution transformer is 2-3 times the rated capacity of the motor.

2. The medium temperature shall not exceed 50 °C, the R type (high temperature resistance) shall not exceed 120 °C (maximum not exceeding 140 °C), and it does not contain flammable and explosive gases.

3. The weight concentration of solid particles in the medium: ash ≤ 45%, slag ≤ 60%.

4. Unit diving depth: no more than 40 meters, not less than 1 meter.

5. The working position of the unit in the medium is vertical and the working state is continuous.


1. Rivers, lakes, reservoirs, port dredging

2, rivers, lakes and seas, etc.

3, coastal areas, landfills,

4, construction, sediment, mud, municipal pipelines, rainwater pumping stations, sediment cleaning

6. Steel plant sedimentation tank, sedimentation plant sedimentation tank, power plant sinking coal tank, sewage plant oxidation ditch sedimentation tank cleaning

7, steel plant blast furnace water slag, slag transportation

8, concentrating plant tailings, slag, slurry transportation

9, coal, coal Pulp removal

10, power plant fly ash, coal slurry transport

11, draw a variety of diamonds, quartz sand, steel slag solid particles.

12. Beneficiation, gold mining, iron extraction

13. Conveying of slurry materials containing various impurities

14. Transportation of other media containing larger solid particles

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