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SZQ series submersible sand pump is single stage centrifugal pump which is specially designed to mine underwater sand and gravel in river, lake, sea as well as undersea mining. The structure design and materials of the pump have been considered thoughtfully to make the pump operate under water permanently, reliably and effectively. It has the characters of corrosion-resistance, wearing-resistance, high ability of passing solid, wide-range of submersible depth. The maximum value of submersible depth is up to 150m, and its function won’t be impacted as the depth varied. Just putting the pump on the bottom of sea or river, it can work at any angle of placement. Therefore, it is ideal and efficient equipment for sand collection and undersea mining.


Working Conditions:

1. Medium: water(PH: 6.5~8.5)
2. Medium temperature ≤35℃ or  90℃
3. Sand content ( by weight ) ≤30%
4. Max. diameter of solid : 120mm
5. Ambient temperature : -25℃~+45℃
6. Relative humidity : not over 97%
7. Enclosure protection : IP68
8. Power supply: 380V~6300V,50Hz/60Hz,3Ph
9. Motor power : ≤ 2000kW
10. Capacity : Q ≤ 15000m3/h
11. Head : H ≤ 50m
12. Submersible depth : ≤ 150m
13. Installation and location: pump should be used vertically or inclined. Its inlet should be located at the bottom of sea.
Note: If the conditions stated above cannot be satisfied, please connect with us. We shall adopt proper measures while designing in order to ensure that the electric pump set will be working normally in actual conditions.

SZQ series submersiblle sand pump is generally made up of cutter head, pump, electric motor, pressure balance device, set support ( selected only when all parts will be combined into one set) and so on. The suction efficiency, operating reliability and practicability of the whole set have been taken into consideration thoroughly while the structure designing. Electric motor, pump and set support fixed into one unit can be used at any position between 0-90°.


1. Pump and Cutter

SZQ series submersible sand pump is single-stage centrifugal pump, consists of pump casing, impeller, cutter head etc. Usually, the main material of components which liquid flows through is made from the wear-resistant cast iron of high chrome, and special material will be selected to meet the special requirements according to working conditions. By the cutter head running, the density of suction liquid will be increased and the suction efficiency will be improved as well. As the pump and the motor are coaxial, it makes the axial force of the pump pass on to the motor directly, so the pump can work at any position.

2. Motor and Pressure balance device
SZQ series submersible sand pump is usually matched with dredge submersible electric motor made by our company. Usually, the electric motor is supplied with pressure balance device. It can make the outside pressure and inside pressure of the motor balance automatically. The maximum submersible depth of motor can reach 150m. If the actual working condition is over the value, please specifically tell us while ordering.

3. Other complete parts
Other complete parts are mainly composed by set support and electric motor switchgear etc. They can be selected according to the customer’s demands.
The start modes include Y-△start, soft start and converter start. We can make it on the customer’s demands and motor power.



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