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BQS Explosion-proof Waste Water Pumps for Mines Description:

This BQS ser ies sand draining submersible pump is strictly complied with the P.R .China’s standard “MT/ T 6 71: e xplosion p roof submersible pumps for coal minerals”. It is suitable for the tunneling site which has a risk of gas explosion. It can be use for draining of waste water which is mixed with sands. The pump has installed a cooling system, which makes it possible to work under water or in a dry environment.

This BQS series sand draining submersible pump is suitable for the tunneling site which has a risk of gas explosion. It can be use for draining of waste water which is mixed with sands. It can also be used for emergent water drainage in serious flood disaster. The flow rate is selectable from 20m3/h to 1000m3/h, and flow head from 30m to 850m. The motor power can be from 100kW to 1150kW, and breakdown voltage from 3000V to 6000V. The pump is easy to install and endurable to explosion.

BQS Explosion-proof Waste Water Pumps for Mines Advantage:

1: The pump’s sealing part and consuming part are made from high hardness alloy, which makes the product a long service life

2: The pump has a structure of integrating pump with the motor, which makes it easy to install and wear resisting to sand. This structure also results an excellent explosion proof feature.

BQS Explosion-proof Waste Water Pumps for Mines Structure feature:

This BQS ser ies sand draining submersible pump i s formed from asubmersible three-phase asynchronous motor and a pump body. The two parts are connected coaxially. The motor is YBQ explosion proof dry style motor. There is a axial pressure balance device between the motor and the pump. The device is made from a special material which is endurable for high pressure and abrasion. The device is helpful to decrease the axial pressure. The leak water from the device flows through some pipes and finally drops to the motor cover, which decreases the motor operation temperature. This pump can work in a dry environment for a long time. The drainage inclined angle can be set to be any value.

The pump is a stand style, and the impeller can be a single level or multiple levels, which makes it a good quality to allow the large particle passing fluently.

The rotating part of the motor is formed by precise annular ball bearing or annular contact ball bearing. The feature is that it can rotate flexibly and it is endurable to axial force and radial force in a permissible range.

The type of the pump head is either radial guide vane or spiral water pressure. This makes the pump’s hydraulic head is high and easy to install and maintain.

The insulation level of the motor is F. And the IP level is IPX8 as required by the GB/Y4942.1-2001 standard.

We can provide a safety control box according to customer’s requirement, which will prevent the pump’s electrical leakage, overloading, and overtemperature.

The work condition and environment for the BQS pump:

Frequency: 50Hz; Voltage: 380V, 660V or 1140V (tolerance ±5%); 3 phase AC power.

The water depth for the motor is allowed to be less than 5 meter.

The temperature of drainage medium should be 0-40℃。

In the drainage medium, the volume of solid particles should be less than 2%.

The PH value of drainage medium should be 4-10.

The maximum diameter of the solid particle should be smaller than 50% of the minimum dimension in the flow’s cross section.




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