SYB-type Enhanced Self-primping Disc Pump

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Flow: 2 to 1200 m3/h

Lift: 5 to 140 m

Medium temperature: < +120

Maximum working pressure: 1.6MPa

Direction of rotation: Seen from the transmission end of the pump, the pump rotates clockwise.


Product Description:


SYB-type disc pump is a new type of Enhanced self-priming pump developed through the introduction of advanced technologies of the Unites States combined with our technological advantages. As the impeller has no blades, the flow channel will not be blocked. With simple structure, the complex structures of impeller and pump body flow channel of traditional centrifugal pump are improved. By boundary layer theory, the abrasion and cavitation of flow passage components in the pump are sight and the media are only subjected to slight shear failure.

Due to different principles and structures from traditional blade centrifugal pumps, SYB pump is suitable for conveying medium containing large particles of impurities, shear sensitive media and high-viscosity fluid media, and has a variety of advantages including low vibration, smooth operation, no jam, slight abrasion of flow passage components, long service life, simple structure and easy maintenance.


Structure Description


· Structure Overview

SYB-type pump is developed through the introduction of advanced technologies of the Unites States combined with our technological advantages of Enhanced  self-priming.  The pump is horizontally-mounted and is equipped with a common base to ensure easy installation. The inlet of the pump is horizontal while the outlet is vertically upward. The pump is composed of the pump body, impeller, seal rings, pump cover, bracket part, float chamber body part and pressure chamber body part. The double-acting mechanical sealing ensures no leakage or minimal leakage of media.


· Impeller


The impeller structure adopts two or more pieces of parallel discs with radial grooves or ridges on it. The impeller has simple structures and is subjected to energy conversion by means of laminar flow, thus, there is no direct force on the media, thereby reducing abrasion of media to the impeller and the impact on shear sensitive media.

Compared to traditional centrifugal pumps, the pump has simple structures and larger impeller channel space, thus, the pump is not prone to being jammed and is suitable for conveying medium containing large particles of impurities.


· Self-priming device


Our company is the first professional manufacturer of Enhanced  self-priming pumps. The pump is installed directly on the ground and can be used when the suction line is inserted into the water. Watering, underground pump house, bottom valve and vacuum pump are not needed to save construction costs for users and to reduce operating costs. The vacuum suction device can realize automatic exhausting and pumping.



Technical Features


· No blades on the impeller

· Low vibration

· Long life of flow passage components

· Low wear

· Small radial load

· Small fluid shear stress

· Suitable for large particles of impurities

· No jam

· Automatic exhausting and pumping achieved

· With manual and automatic control modes

· Easy installation and easy operation characteristics




Scope of Application


· Petroleum and petrochemical industry

· Municipal sewage

· Steel manufacturing industry

· Mining, metallurgy and electric power industries

· Food, medicine and paper industries



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