ZWB Self-priming Single-stage Single-suction Centrifugal Sewage Pump

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Flow: 6.3 to 400  m3/h

Lift: 5 to 125 m

Power: 0.55 to 90kW


1. When the pump starts, the vacuum pump and bottom valve are not needed. The pump can operate if the vacuum container is filled with water when the pump starts for the first time;

2. The water feeding time is short. The water feeding can be achieved instantly after the pump starts. The self-priming capability is excellent;

3. The application of the pump is safe and convenient. The underground pump house is not needed. The pump is mounted on the ground and can be used when the suction line is inserted into the water;

4. The operation, maintenance and management of the pump are convenient.

Scope of Application:

The ZWB self-priming single-stage single-suction centrifugal sewage pump, belonging to self-priming pump series manufactured by our Company, is a new-type self-priming sewage pump designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards and based on advantages of similar pumps at home and abroad. This series is suitable for industrial and urban water supply, drainage, fire protection, agricultural irrigation and conveying waste water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. The media temperature should not higher than 80 .

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