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SFX-type Enhanced self-priming pump for flood control and drainage belongs to single-stage single-suction and single-stage double-suction diesel driven centrifugal pump. This product can be used in non-fixed pumping stations and districts without power supply for emergency flood control and drainage, anti-drought, temporary water diversion, manhole drainage and is suitable for mild contaminated water transfer and other water diversion projects.(Also known as integrated mobile drainage pumping station)



1. The integrated mobile drainage pumping station, characterized by good practicability, is carried by ordinary freight vehicles or mobile body frames. When drainage function is not needed, the integrated drainage pumping station can be removed and the freight vehicle can be used for other purposes, thus, multi-functions are achieved.


2. The pump has excellent maneuvering characteristics and easy operation advantages. When the pump starts, watering, vacuum pump and bottom valve are not needed and inserting the suction inlet into the water is enough. The pump, with excellent and reliable self-priming performance, can exhaust gases and prime water automatically.


3. The unique vacuum suction device shortens the self-priming time of the pump and improves the stability of self-priming. The unique vacuum suction device makes the space between the liquid level and the impeller at a vacuum state, thereby effectively improving the pump operation efficiency. Manual or automatic separation and reunion is achieved through clutch mechanism so that the service life is prolonged and energy savings effect is increased.

4. The self-priming time is short with the flow ranging from 6.3 to 750m3/h, the self-

priming height ranging from 4 to 6 meters and the self-priming time ranging from 6 to 90 seconds.


Price and Service Advantages

The mobile pumping station, with high performance and affordable price, is well received by the majority of users. The Company is a leading and word-of-mouth quality manufacturer and supplier in the industry. We provide free inspection to the doorstep once a year before the flood season for users buying our products to ensure that users can feel relieved about usage.


The product can be used in non-fixed pumping station sites for drainage and anti-drought. Where water is needed, where the mobile pumping station can be used. The flexible application ensures that machine keeper is not needed. In districts with power supply, external power supply can be adopted for long-term drainage or water supply to reduce expensive diesel fuel costs. When drainage is not needed, the pump can be used as a mobile generator set to supply electricity temporarily for districts in temporary needs for electricity. The application of the pump can be customized according to requirements of users.


Scope of Application

1. The pump can be used for urban water drainage, solving underground pipe burst problems and other unexpected emergencies in cities.

2. The pump can be used for sewage and drainage of industrial plants, emergency water and electricity supply of operating platforms, etc.

3. The pump can be used for residential rain water drainage, electricity supply of sites without power supply and squares and other practical problems.

4. The pump can be used for fishery water supply, drainage, transporting, site power generation, etc. in harbors to effectively improve the work efficiency.

5. The pump is suitable for emergency flood control and drainage, drought fighting, temporary water diversion and cofferdam pumping.


The pump is directly driven by the diesel engine (motor) through the flexible coupling. Seen from the transmission end of the pump, the pump rotates clockwise.


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