SX series Double suction centrifugal pump

Short Description:

Centrifugal double suction pump
Modified impellers for different applications
Complete sealed shaft

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SX single-stage double-suction split-casing centrifugal pumps are used to pump the clear water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties as clear water. The temperature of transported liquid shall not exceed 80. It is applicable for factory ,mine, city water supply,power station, irrigation and drainage of farmland and various water conservancy projects.


Applicable for factories ,mines,urban water supply, power stations, waterworks,agricultural irrigation and drainage, and other water conservancy projects

Type Notation:


10—Suction diameter is divided by25 (that is, the inlet diameter is 250mm)

SX–Single suction, double suction, horizontal, centrifugal water pump

13–Specific speed is divided by 10 (that is, the pump’s specific speed is 130)

A–Indicates that the pump impeller has been replaced with different diameter

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