Abrasive slurry pump parts Slurry Pump Impeller

Short Description:

1. Slurry pump parts

    Completely interchangeable with world famous brand.

    For unlisted slurry pump parts, OEM service offered. Drawings needed.

2. Materials

    High chrome alloy

    Natural rubber

    Other material as per requests, like stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Nickle alloy, Alloy 20, etc.

Product Detail

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Slurry pump impeller can play an extremely important role in the operation of slurry pump.By rotating, it can help slurry pump meet the needs of the equipment.One issue we concern is that our product is easy to worn out, so we search for the special materials to prolong the lifespan of impeller.Later on, we found two types of materials accord with the requirement of our slurry pump impeller, including the natural rubber as well as the white iron with high chrome content of 27%.The natural rubber is to deal with the corrosive slurries with blunt particles.Meanwhile,the white iron with high chrome aims at handling slurries with strong abrasion or sharp particles.

As a China-based slurry pump impeller manufacturer, we provide a broad range of products, including forth pump, medium/light duty slurry pump, sump pump and FGD flue gas desulfurization pump among others.

OEM part codes

Here we list some OEM part codes for reference:

Impeller: 127, 147, 145, etc., such as BDC2127, BDD3147, BDE4147, BDF6147, BDG8147, BDG10147, BDFAM1247...


金属配件 A05 SLURRY PUMP PARTS BODA PUMP IMPELLER A05 渣浆泵配件 FAM10147RE1A05 IMPELLER horizontal froth pump impeller_副本




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