ISW Horizontal water supply pump

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Design pressure:1.6Mpa
Design temperature:-20~+120℃

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ISW Horizontal water supply pump product description

ISW horizontal pipeline water supply pump is based on IS-type centrifugal pump and vertical pump unique combination of structural design, and in strict accordance with international standards ISO2858 and the latest national pipeline centrifugal pump standard JB / T53058-93 design and manufacture of energy efficient products. ISW horizontal pipeline pump using the domestic advanced hydraulic model optimized design. At the same time according to the use of temperature, medium and other different in the ISW-based derived from the hot water pump, high temperature pumps, chemical pumps, pumps, etc., is the current national standard stereotypes to promote products.

ISW Horizontal water supply pump features

1, smooth operation: the axis of the absolute concentric impeller excellent static and dynamic balance, to ensure smooth operation, no vibration.
2, water leakage: different materials, carbide seal, to ensure that no leakage of different media delivery.
3, low noise: two low-noise bearings under the pump, smooth operation, in addition to the motor faint sound, the basic no noise.
4, the failure rate is low: the structure is simple and reasonable, the key part of the use of world-class quality support, machine trouble-free working hours greatly improved.
5, easy maintenance: replacement seals, bearings, simple and convenient.
6, covers a more provincial: exports can be left, right, up three directions, easy to install the pipeline installation, save space.
7, ISW horizontal water pump for the delivery of water and physical and chemical properties similar to other liquids used in water, for industrial and urban water supply, high-rise building pressurized water, garden irrigation, fire boost, long-distance transport, HVAC Refrigeration cycle, bathroom and other hot and cold water cycle pressurization and equipment support, the use of temperature T ≤ 80 ℃.
8, ISWR horizontal hot water pump is widely used: metallurgical, chemical, textile, paper, and hotels and other boiler hot water pressurized circulation and urban heating system, ISWR type use temperature T ≤ 120 ℃.
9, ISWH horizontal chemical pump for conveying non-solid particles, corrosive, viscosity similar to the water liquid for petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, paper, food and pharmaceutical and synthetic fiber and other departments, the use of temperature – 20 ° C to + 120 ° C.
10, ISWB horizontal pipeline oil pump for the delivery of gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other oil products or flammable, late explosive liquid, the transmission medium temperature is -20 ℃ ~ +120 ℃.

ISW Horizontal water supply pump working conditions


1, the suction pressure ≤ 1.6Mpa, or pump system maximum working pressure ≤ 1.6Mpa, that is, pump inlet pressure + pump head ≤ 1.6Mpa, pump static pressure test pressure of 2.5Mpa, please specify the system when the work pressure. Pump system working pressure greater than 1.6Mpa should be made in the order, so that when the pump part of the pump and the connection part of the use of cast steel materials.
2, ambient temperature <40 ℃, relative humidity <95%.
3, the transport medium in the solid particle volume content does not exceed 0.1% of the unit volume, particle size <0.2mm.
Note: If the use of media with a small particle, please specify when ordering, so that manufacturers use wear-resistant mechanical seal.


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